Taxes for Individuals & Small Business


If your taxes are not complicated, and you made less than $60,000 last year, you can use IRS Free File.
The IRS provides a free filing program for people of moderate income. You don’t need to buy TurboTax or use a tax-prep chain. For people with simpler tax situations who don’t need a professional, I’m happy to recommend IRS Free File.

Sorry, I’m not taking any new clients. I have as many wonderful clients as I can take care of properly already.

Hi, I’m Mariette, and I’m a CPA in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. I specialize in tax preparation and planning for independent contractors, freelancers and other sole proprietors. Internet and web-based businesses, developers, designers, writers, photographers, and other creative professions are a main focus of my practice.

I am set up to work remotely so I can work with clients wherever they happen to be. I use a secured portal service called Onehub to share documents privately, and have electronic signature and electronic filing capability, so you can get your taxes done from anyplace that has an internet connection.

I support Xero, Wave, Kashoo, Harvest and FreshBooks, as well as QuickBooks. I am conversant with most cloud accounting and bookkeeping software and can provide help in finding a solution that works for you.

I also provide new business startup consulting [outside of tax season – not available till May]. If you’re going out on your own for the first time, and want to find out what you need to do for taxes and how to do it, we can talk by phone or Skype, or meet if you’re in Seattle. A consultation is $150, usually takes about an hour, and you will get a pdf to keep so you have the information to refer to later.

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I take PayPal. PayPal Visa MasterCard American Express DiscoverAlso Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, using Square, a credit card service that runs on my iPhone. I am also happy to take checks and crisp $20 bills. If there is some other way you’d like to pay me, let me know. I am really motivated to make it convenient for people to give me money.