2017 Tax Organizer

Tax Organizer

You can use this organizer to gather your tax information. There’s a Word doc you can edit, or a pdf for the non-Word users.

2017 Tax Organizer Word | 2017 Tax Organizer pdf

Note to clients: Please don’t email me stuff that has your social security number or bank information on it. Upload it to your private folder. If you don’t have a private folder yet, email me and I’ll set one up.
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Privacy Policy

Here is a link to the privacy policy that I am required to give clients. It contains the startling revelation that I will be collecting personal information about you, and that I will use that information to (surprise!) prepare your tax return. What did they think I was going to do with it, make origami birds? Anyway, here it is:

Privacy Policy

Useful Tax Information

Fair Market Value Guide

Guide to figuring out the dollar value of used clothing and household items donated to charities such as Goodwill and Value Village.

Cost Basis

Free cost basis tool to help you figure out the cost of that LZ Zeppelin stock that your Great-Aunt Hilda left you that split and merged and was bought out and is Lufthansa stock now.

Mileage Tracking Apps

Business mileage is 54.5 cents a mile in 2018 – even short trips add up to more than you think. Whether you use an app or old-school notebook, it’s worth it to keep track.

IRS W-4 withholding calculator

A handy little widget to help you figure out how many allowances to put on your W-4 for withholding.