Really Cool People

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People who, in my humble opinion, are awesome.

Graphic Design

See the cool logo up there? Lisa Douglass Design – talented and great to work with.


Yes, I CAN do bookkeeping, and have done plenty of it in the past, but it’s not what Tiggers like best ; ) So I prefer to leave the bookkeeping to those who genuinely enjoy it, and just do taxes.

Accounting For Small Business – Deborah Asavarahapun and her crew are excellent and experienced in all areas of bookkeeping, QuickBooks setup, and financial statement writeup.

Just Call Mary – Mary Ayres at Just Call Mary will take care of you and tidy up your books clean as a whistle.

Nancy Katz Accounting – Nancy Katz does QuickBooks setup like a dream. Whether you’re just starting out, or your QuickBooks is in a tangled mess, she will organize it so it’s easy to use.


Yes, I know, nobody wants to go to a lawyer, but barristers are as necessary as baristas in keeping your business afloat.

MKSingh Law – LLC? S-Corporation? What structure is best for your business? Madhu Singh at MKSingh Law can help you make the right choice.

Janeway Patent Law – Got a great business idea? Do you need to patent it, copyright or trademark it? John Janeway at Janeway Patent Law will explain how to protect your intellectual property.


Patrick Barta Photography – Product and business photography at its best. Lots of choices and wonderful stylist.

Doug Plummer – Check out his Daily Photo


Dan Brockley at Brockley Communications – a true professional


KGB -waltzes, Irish, Slavic, and tunes of their own invention – give them a listen


Kaslkaos Art by Ingrid Schmelter – minitaure jewels in many media

Red Maple Studio – because I love carving and prints


Dr Mark Parker – Because he fixed my back after the other car decided stop signs were optional.

Real Estate

Michele Lussier – Wonderful to work with – helped us with repairs, staging, & everything, and got us a full price offer with inspection waived!

Coffee Shops & meeting places

Ballard Sip & Ship – my office away from the office, source of blessed caffeine and cool notecards.

Mosaic Coffee House – great place for meetings, free wifi & lots of outlets.