Really Cool People

People who, in my humble opinion, are awesome.


Yes, I CAN do bookkeeping, and have done plenty of it in the past, but it’s not what Tiggers like best ; ) So I prefer to leave the bookkeeping to those who genuinely enjoy it, and stick with taxes.

Accounting For Small Business – Deborah Asavarahapun and her crew are excellent and experienced in all areas of bookkeeping, QuickBooks setup, and financial statement writeup.

My Seattle Bookkeeper – Vanessa Bowker is an experienced full charge bookkeeper who can take care of all your bookkeeping and payroll needs, onsite or offsite. She is familiar with Xero.

Shelton Accounting Services – Another Xero supporter! Correne also does Peachtree and payroll, and works remotely with clients from all over.

natural numbers – Meline McWhirter is a tech-savvy bookkeeper who works with web-based clients using FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online. She is Mac-friendly and paper-vanquishing.

Anchor Bay Accounting – Nancy Moore is a kickass accountant, expert at QuickBooks and Xero, payroll and everything accounting-related (except taxes).


Yes, I know, nobody wants to go to a lawyer, but barristers are as necessary as baristas in keeping your business afloat.

Foundry Law Group – LLC? S-Corporation? Partnership? What structure is best for your business? Madhu Singh at Foundry Law Group can help you make the right choice.

Amber Quintal – With both a JD and an MBA, Amber Quintal of Ogden Murphy Wallace is a first-class resource for business law. She also does tax and estate planning, and audit defense (which I will do my level best to make sure you never need ; )

Janeway Patent Law – Got a great business idea? Do you need to patent it, copyright or trademark it? John Janeway at Janeway Patent Law will explain how to protect your intellectual property.

Sophos Law Firm – Startup? Entrepreneur? Tolis Dimopoulos is your go-to guy for the legal aspects of business formation and financing.

Graphic Design

See the cool logo up there? Lisa Douglass Design – talented and great to work with.

Web Design

No R Productions Sabine is incredibly patient with ignorant questions, and made things look just like I wanted.

FLDtrace Lucian is a WordPress and e-commerce expert. Web design and development with a side of tango!

River Dog Marketing Teri and Jeanie will get you noticed and connect you with the folks who are looking for what you have to offer. They’re knowledgeable and effective.


Jennifer (Escalona) Dunn Writer, website attention-getter, world traveller, and all-around nice person. (Disclaimer: Jennifer was my editor at Outright. She did wonders with my stuff, so she should be able to make anybody sound great ; )


Doug Plummer – Check out his Daily Photo

La Luz Photography – Beautiful and creative wedding photography.


Kaslkaos Art by Ingrid Schmelter – miniature jewels in many media.

Notta Pixie – letterpress, carving, natural dyes -all things I love combined into beauty.


Koblenzer Ross I love pretty shiny things!


Shiro Cosmetics I also love pretty sparkly things!

Geek Chic Cosmetics Pretty sparkly geeky things!


Dr Mark Parker – Because he fixed my back after the other car decided stop signs were optional.

Real Estate

Michele Lussier – Wonderful to work with – helped us with repairs, staging, & everything, and got us a full price offer with inspection waived!


People You Should Give Money To

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Because there has to be a cure.