Really Cool People

People who, in my humble opinion, are awesome.


Yes, I CAN do bookkeeping, and have done plenty of it in the past, but it’s not what Tiggers like best ; ) So I prefer to leave the bookkeeping to those who genuinely enjoy it, and stick with taxes.

Accounting For Small Business – Deborah Asavarahapun and her crew are excellent and experienced in all areas of bookkeeping, QuickBooks setup, and financial statement writeup.

natural numbers – Meline McWhirter is a tech-savvy bookkeeper who works with web-based clients using FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online. She is Mac-friendly and paper-vanquishing.

Anchor Bay Accounting – Nancy Moore is a kickass accountant, expert at QuickBooks and Xero, payroll and everything accounting-related (except taxes).


Yes, I know, nobody wants to go to a lawyer, but barristers are as necessary as baristas in keeping your business afloat.

Foundry Law Group – LLC? S-Corporation? Partnership? What structure is best for your business? Madhu Singh at Foundry Law Group can help you make the right choice.

Amber Quintal – With both a JD and an MBA, Amber Quintal of Ogden Murphy Wallace is a first-class resource for business law. She also does tax and estate planning, and audit defense (which I will do my level best to make sure you never need ; )

Janeway Patent Law – Got a great business idea? Do you need to patent it, copyright or trademark it? John Janeway at Janeway Patent Law will explain how to protect your intellectual property.

Sophos Law Firm – Startup? Entrepreneur? Tolis Dimopoulos is your go-to guy for the legal aspects of business formation and financing.

Graphic Design

See the cool logo up there? Lisa Douglass Design – talented and great to work with.

Web Design

No R Productions Sabine is incredibly patient with ignorant questions, and made things look just like I wanted.

River Dog Digital Teri and Jeanie will make your website sit up, shake hands, and win Best of Show.


Jennifer (Escalona) Dunn Writer, website attention-getter, world traveller, and all-around nice person. (Disclaimer: Jennifer was my editor at Outright. She did wonders with my stuff, so she should be able to make anybody sound great ; )


Kaslkaos Art by Ingrid Schmelter – miniature jewels in many media.

Notta Pixie – letterpress, carving, natural dyes -all things I love combined into beauty.


Terrestrial Delight I love pretty shiny things!


Shiro Cosmetics I also love pretty sparkly things!

Geek Chic Cosmetics Pretty sparkly geeky things!

Real Estate

Michele Lussier – Wonderful to work with – helped me with repairs, staging, & everything, and got me a full price offer with inspection waived!


People You Should Give Money To

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Because there has to be a cure.