Useful Stuff

Small business help – SCORE

Tax info – IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center

Guide to business licenses and permits by state and type of business:
Business.Gov Permit Me

Calculate your desired hourly rate for freelance work

Freelance Rate Calculator

Find the sales tax rate for any address.

Sales Tax Rates

Retirement plans comparison and selection tool for self-employed & small businesses

IRS Retirement Plans Navigator


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Free & cheap software

OpenOffice – No, it’s not Word or Excel, and it’s certainly not PowerPoint, but freeis always good

The Small Business Web – All the software you could possibly want, everything from CRM to email to scheduling, invoicing and shopping carts. All free or mega-cheap, and all integrated. If you need software to do something, and you’re short on cash, take a look here.

Windows PC

Emergency PC Services – Andrey Rozmaity will come to wherever your computer is and he will even do emergency house calls 24/7! Pretty awesome, and he also did my security, so all your tax and financial stuff is as protected as he can make it.


Apple makes all kinds of cool, shiny things – iPhones, iPads – and computers that many people use for business. If you’ve gone over to the glossy white side, Ericka at iGeek Training can take care of you.


I’m not gonna lie to you, Marge. I use a Windows PC for work because that’s what the tax software runs on. At home, I’m a Mac fan from way back to my first Apple IIc. But if you’re looking for a way to run your computers without buying Mr Gates another Ferrari, Linux might be for you.

Edoceo – cost-effective business solutions based on the Linux platform


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